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Andolini's Pizza

N.Y Pizza done right! At Andolini’s Pizza they make fresh, hand tossed N.Y. style pies. They make their own dough, grate their own cheese and make fresh sauce daily.

N.Y. style pizza comes naturally to them, as Michael Rabin, the founder of Andolini’s Pizza was born in Queens, New York.  Edie, his wife, is the detail person of daily operations. Her enthusiasm and love make her a favorite to all the crew. Michael’s brother, Dr. Neil, was born in Brooklyn and, as such, he helps keep the “New York” in the pizza by making all the dough. As you can see, they are family owned and operated and have been serving awesome pies and slices to the people of the Lowcountry since 1992.

Andolini's has great specials too. $7 will get you two giant cheese slices and a PBR. For $8, a one topping slice with a small salad and a soda.

Location and Contact Information
6610 Rivers Ave
North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 266-7437

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