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Craft & Canvas came to life in May of 2019. The idea was always a seed in the back of the mind of owner, Stacey LeBrun. Having been an avid visual art student throughout her school years and into adulthood, Stacey started selling her work to family and friends. This led to an online Etsy store. And finally, when the time felt right, it grew into Craft & Canvas. Since Stacey is a full-time teacher in Charleston County, the hours of Craft & Canvas revolve around school hours. Craft & Canvas has paintings and crafts ready to be made by both children and adults.  Each month a calendar of events is published that include class times for both children and adults. Everyone is an artist; let your creative mind grow at Craft & Canvas.

Location and Contact Information

4412 Spruill Ave
North Charleston, SC 29405