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Idle Hour

Idle Hour, is the perfect mix of Southern and Americana food. Being one of the oldest restaurants in the quaint community of Park Circle, it is a local favorite. You feel right at home when you come into to Idle Hour. The owner, Dolly, has loyally served her customers for years and years and makes sure that you are quickly served fresh and tasty food. Dolly also runs this place by Dolly’s rules, look for the sign in the kitchen, “This is not Burger King, you can not have it your way.” But you can get that small town feel and maybe even some small town gossip too. Her burgers have always been a classic here. Especially with the ironed & toasted buns.
Idle Hour or as most call it “Dolly’s” will fill your stomach just like your grandmother would.

Photos by Idle Hour.

Location and Contact Information

1065 E Montague Ave
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 747-3280