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Additional Venues at Riverfront Park


The park as a whole has a max capacity of 15,000 people. The park can be rented out for larger events such as festivals, concerts, and events.




Admiral’s Garden – $250 per two hours (rates are subject to change)

This has been a reclaimed garden area that is surrounded by a walking path, beautiful magnolia, azaleas, camelias with an English garden style. This area was part of the Admirals ground and now home to the well known “Persephone” sculptor surrounded by the Noisette roses.

The perfect spot for a quaint outdoor cocktail party, wedding ceremony or reception.



The Amphitheater at the Point – $500 per two hours (rates are subject to change)



The Dock – $500 (rates are subject to change) 



Contact us at riverfrontpark@northcharleston.org or 843-308-4746.