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Park Circle

One of our defining features is Park Circle, a large garden community planned in the early 1900s by the North Charleston Lands Corp. and P.J. Berkmans Co. of Augusta, GA, one of the South’s first landscape architecture firms. As part of the City Beautiful movement, their street grid plan revolves around a central circular park about 300 feet in diameter. When the city of North Charleston incorporated in 1972, its boundaries mostly consisted of the Park Circle area. We have since grown to cover nearly 77 square miles.

Park Circle is a shining example of a walkable community with a unique character that sets it apart.

Park Circle and the Olde Village District along and near East Montague Avenue are packed with a wide variety of dining options, all of which are locally owned. You’ll find intimate settings in each restaurant; each with its own charm. Most restaurants offer sidewalk dining, and since our weather is so nice, you can eat outside much of the year.

You can find shops, salons, and a theatre in this lively corridor.  After business hours, there’s no slowing down. The nightlife is high spirited with an eclectic mix of businesses, including wine shops, a beer bar, an authentic, Irish pub, and a sports bar, to name a few.  For entertainment, live music is a commonplace at several of nearby bars.

If you find yourself in Park Circle on an afternoon, disc golf is an option. Enjoy the free course that meanders around the Park Circle traffic circle.  The course boasts 18 tee boxes and 18 baskets, making 324 possible course combinations. It’s fun!

The City of North Charleston’s top outdoor festivals and parades are hosted in Park Circle. The North Charleston Arts Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, the Harvest Festival, the Christmas Festival, and the Farmers Market.

No matter where you are in Park Circle, you’ll find friendly locals, welcoming businesses, and the everlasting small-town feel.

Location and Contact Information

4800 Park Circle
North Charleston, SC 29405