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Striped Pig Distillery

Welcome to North Charleston’s first distillery since Prohibition!

Striped Pig Distillery handcrafts spirits in small batches using the freshest, local ingredients. The self-described “funky and delicious” distillery is here to reward your taste buds with sophisticated, handcrafted rums, truly fantastic ‘moonshine’ and whiskeys, silky smooth vodka and dangerously tasty gin. They are doing it all with respect for traditional methods, using local farmers, distilling spirits slowly, carefully, and using heirloom grains and fruits -The Southern Way. So quench your curiosity, come see the pig and discover “What’s In Your Spirit?!”

Tours and tastings are hosted weekly. Details may be found at reservations made on their website www.stripedpigdisstillery.com


Photos by Striped Pig Distillery.

Location and Contact Information

2225 Old School Dr
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 276-3201