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3 Insta-worthy North Chuck spots

From deeply local appeal at a buzzy brewery to truly lovely streets throughout Park Circle begging your feet for a stroll, there’s no shortage on charm in North Charleston. You’ve got historic landmarks, epic waterfront views, and even some legit local street art—all of which are worthy of a quick Insta moment. Of the plethora of awesome places to post about in North Chuck, here are a few spots with the best lighting, views, and vibes sure to garner a few dozen “likes” and inspire Insta envy among all your besties. Just remember, pics or it didn’t happen.

  1. Riverfront Park

This picturesque park whispers Southern charm and a sweet appeal reminiscent of a tall glass of sweet tea. For years, this expansive riverfront spot has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike for everything from jamming to a concert festival to a Low Country yoga session. This part of town is essentially like stepping into a Pat Conroy novel—without having to fight the crowds down the road in Charleston proper for a clear spot to snap a shot! Home to many sites begging for a pic, Riverfront Park has even upped their game with the oft-photographed Persephone sculpture, a bronze statue from Marshall Fredericks on loan to the area from the Gibbes. The queen of the underworld has recently experienced a major glow up—going from a greenish hue to her full bronzed goddess glory.

  1. Stems & Skins

Bougey vibes abound at wine and snack haven Stems & Skins. Whiskey/wine barrel décor meets twinkle lights for an industrial paradise appeal. And more than just a chic watering hole full of fascinating folks and bartenders who know just what you need to order, the drinks created at Stems & Skins are true works of art. Take for instance the now-famous Manhattan—a deep scarlet concoction that whispers its recipient to post immediately with a caption simply stating #cheers.

  1. Park Circle’s Contempo Art

On Jenkins Ave. in Park Circle, you’ll find a blue fresco made of geometric details, a funky primate watching over the area, and a wildly hued mural featuring cartoony melting eyes and rounded teeth. One of the latest outdoor mural installments from the ChART initiative, a special movement that utilizes public community art spaces to support contemporary local artists, has made its way to the nooks and crannies of North Charleston. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler backdrop for your Insta pic than Ishmael, the blue gorilla adorning the walls of an otherwise unassuming building.

For all your online photo evidence, be sure to use #VisitNorthCHS to find solidarity among all the other North Charleston enthusiasts out there!