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3 Reasons to Visit North Charleston Fire Museum

Whether you have a kiddo who’s a BIG fan of Fireman Sam, you fancy yourself a history lover, or you’re simply looking to do something “outside-of-the-box” in North Chuck, the North Charleston Fire Museum and Educational Center is truly something incredible to behold. From interactive exhibits to a fire truck dating back to the 1780s, stepping inside this remarkable (and air-conditioned) museum is a must for adventure-seeking.

Here are three reasons you should plan to hit up the North Charleston Fire Museum this summer!

1. The HUGE collection

The North Charleston Fire Museum and Educational Center is the site of the largest collection of professionally restored American LaFrance fire apparatus pieces in the entire United States! You’ll find more than 20 fire-fighting vehicles (one of which dates back to the late 18th century), and the impressive assortment is an excellent way to see the advancements that have been made in the world of fighting flames and keeping the public safe. All of the pieces you’ll find in the collection are still operational and can battle a blaze just like the day they were produced!

2. Hands-on exhibits

Get up close and personal with the gear real-life heroes use to take on fires! The little ones will love being able to lift the gear handle to control a fire hose’s back pressure, and you’ll love knowing that your children are certain to leave the museum with a greater understanding of fire safety thanks to live shows like “Home Fire Hazard Theatre” and “Are You An Escape Artist?” Guests will not only learn about historical firefighting equipment and techniques, they can also participate in a bucket brigade or even handle an axe! Fire prevention and safety has never been more fun!

3. The tour guides are all real-life heroes!

Perhaps the most special part of the North Charleston Fire Museum is its tour guides: Each of the men and women leading museum tours are either current or retired firefighters with first-hand experience and real-world knowledge of the world of fire service. Every guided tour comes complete with a unique perspective shared by the firefighter leading the experience, and the passion to protect the community is evident with every fact they share and program they lead.

Another awesome element of the North Charleston Fire Museum is its cost: Admission is just $6 for adults and FREE for children 12 and under! The museum is open until 5pm, seven days a week. If you’re interested in group tours or private events, contact the team at the North Charleston Fire Museum here.