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Get Your Brit on at The CODfather

Am I the only one who is getting serious travel envy via vacation pics on Instagram? Seriously, I’ve seen more pics of European excursions lately than I ever thought possible—it’s like they’re taunting me! I’ve only managed to make it out of the good ol’ U.S. of A. once. Two years ago, I traveled to the Queen’s England (where I spoke something more like Julia Sugarbaker’s English). Though I was no doubt a fish out of water, I fell in love with the fish and chips. Golden fried (which is decidedly a Southern thang) fish served alongside perfectly crisp French fries—yeah, the Brits were definitely speaking my language when it comes to the classic pub grub.

Back in America and back to reality, though, it’s been nearly impossible to find a restaurant that gets fish and chips as right as the real deal in England. Fortunately for me, a recent visit to North Charleston felt a bit like hopping the pond thanks to The CODfather, Proper Fish & Chips.

Nestled snug in the Park Circle area of North Chuck, The CODfather is legit because its founders are, in fact, Brits. Or they were. Now, they’re serving up the love of my life (or at least the love of my stomach)—authentic fish and chips. The cod is lightly fried and delicately crisp, and the “chips” are exactly like I had them in jolly ol’ England. In fact, the dish is actually elevated beyond what I experienced on my travels thanks to the addition of a rich curry sauce and savory brown gravy. Keeping it the real deal, of course, also means serving their fried dishes with malt vinegar and house-made ketchup.

If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try the mushy peas—a side-dish staple of the motherland that’s decadently buttery and reminiscent of American mashed potatoes. I can’t explain it, but mushy peas just go with fish. Kind of like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

The vibe is purely British pub—with cool tin inlay, large wooden beams, and a rustic cherry bar top. The CODfather also boasts a funky graffiti-style mural of Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and iconic telephone booths that Doctor Who himself would be proud to step inside.

For more info on what’s in-store at North Chuck’s ode to the classic English pub, check out The CODFather Tuesday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Trust me, it’s brilliant.