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More Than a Cup of Joe

             Let’s face it, as important as breakfast, is coffee is far more important. Coffee is how you start your day. Coffee is the first thing that touches your lips once you roll from the comfort of your sheets. Coffee is where you go when you need a pick-me-up. Coffee is where it all begins. If this bean water is such an integral part of your every day experience it needs to be up to par. That is why we’ve compiled a list of North Charleston’s best cafés below. Just for you.   

           Now, before you dive headfirst into this list there are a few things you should know about our local cafés. These store owners know both their coffee, and their customers. They have stood where you stand, at the opposite side of the counter, debating what kind of coffee to start your day with. They know what it is to fall in love with an espresso filled drink. Once you become a regular, they come to expect you and look forward to talking with you. Conversation and coffee have always gone hand in hand, probably since the dawn of time if we are honest. Not only are our café owners friendly, conversationalist but, they know their beans. Due to this they create some of the best blends, unique favorites, and timeless classics. Now that we have established the level of craftsmanship to be found behind the espresso machines of North Charleston lets dive into our list.


Orange Spot Coffee

            This small café that you see as soon as you turn onto East Montague is perhaps a Park Circle staple. Everyone knows about Orange Spot, whether you’ve been inside or not. They are known for their delectable cups of coffee, pastries that have you coming back for more, and sandwiches for when you need a little something more. Inside you will find plenty of indoor seating that allows you to either sit and hang out with friends while you share a cup of coffee or to “work from home” away from home.

Location: 1011 E Montague Ave

                North Charleston, SC 29405


EVO Bakery

            When you think of a small, cozy bakery that makes you feel both at home and at peace this place is it. This little café seems to have been pulled straight from the pages of a book. When you walk inside you can smell all of the goodies baking in the oven. The smells of sourdough bread, cookies, croissants, and other pastries cooking is an ever-present scent in this café. If you look to the left, you can watch the bakers as they craft the perfect loaf of bread to take home for your dinner or a cookie that will melt in your mouth as you eat it. To the right is where all coffee related magic happens. They have all of the classics from cappuccinos to iced vanilla lattes. For those who are looking for a simple cup of coffee you will be pleased to try a cup with beans provided by one of the two local coffee roasters they use for brewing. You will find either King Bean Coffee Roasters or Springbok Coffee Roasters in their grinder.

            This café is unique because not only can you buy fresh bread, pastries, and a latte, but you can also get on draft kombucha, a kolsch style ale, or a wine to pair with one of their made to order sandwiches. With such a diverse menu it is hard to leave empty handed.  

Location: 1075 E Montague Ave

                 North Charleston, SC 29405


Prophet Coffee

            What started as a mobile coffee van service that made its way around North Charleston, has blossomed into a store front on Spruill Ave. Although, their coffee van still makes appearances at events around town and is available for hire at events. They bring a touch of the golden coast to our city with a laid-back bohemian style that makes you want to take advantage of their outdoor seating and stay a while.  This down to earth micro coffee shop is known for its unique and flavorful coffee blends such as False Prophet, Daily Drink, Forbidden Fruit, Highly Favored, Milk & Honey, and their occasional special blends. So, if you are looking to support a local business from the comfort of your coffee maker you have to give them a try.

Aside from their carefully curated list of whole bean coffee they also have plenty to offer behind the espresso machine. You can enjoy classics like a shot of espresso to get you going or try some favorites such as their coconut cold brew or their orange blossom mocha. The afore mentioned coconut cold brew stays on tap in store so it is always ready to go for all iced coffee addicts out there.

Location: 4411 Spruill Ave

                North Charleston, SC 29405


Odd Duck Market

            It must be noted that the Odd Duck Market is far more than a coffee shop due to the presence of made to order sandwiches, pastries for the masses, fresh produce, unique wine blends, charcuterie supplies in the fridge, seasonings, and so much more. With supply like this they really are a one stop shop. Being a store as well stocked as they are it is no surprise that they have a fully functional espresso bar that caters to everything from a quick iced chai to a hot mocha with an extra shot. To cater to those who just want a good ole’ cup of joe they carry Second State Coffee. As a local roaster you can trust in the familiarity of their coffee blend and support a local coffee roaster as well. If you really want to bring things full circle buy one of their coffee cups boasting the Odd Duck Market logo, which is seriously adorable by the way. Their chill, cozy vibe makes them a perfect spot to take up residence with friends or to change up your work from home location. With both indoor and outdoor seating there is plenty of space to enjoy one another and that beaming North Charleston sun.

Location: 1082 E Montague Ave

                North Charleston, SC 29405



King Bean Coffee Roasters

            For those of you who want to go straight to the source, King Bean Coffee Roasters was made for you. Their store serves as both a café and retail store for everything coffee. Sit back and enjoy the craftsmanship behind every blend on their shelves. Their wide range includes options such as Sullivan’s Blend, La Dolce Vita, French Roast, Capers Blend, and more. While this local roaster produces a robust collection of coffee blends, they also carry their own draft nitro cold brew. This canned goodness challenges even the best competitor’s nitro cold brew with their option of dark velvet or light velvet cold brew to cater to everyone’s personal taste.

            But if you are craving the experience of walking into a café to sit down with friends and enjoy a nice conversation over a fresh cup of coffee, they still have you covered.

PSA: The avid coffee drinkers should know that they offer a coffee subscription where they deliver your selected blend right to your front door. In a world where we are always searching for a way to make our day to day easier you couldn’t ask for more.

Location: 3939 Dorchester Rd

               North Charleston, SC 29405


Park Circle Co-op

           As one of the new kids on the block they have been quick to make a name for themselves as the place to go for all things fresh. If you are looking for somewhere to get that cozy feel that makes you remember your tote bag would look so much better with a fresh baguette and carrot stems pouring over the edge, this is it. It is their personal goal to provide locally sourced, minimally processed items to the local community. With everything from fresh orange juice to frozen soups that rival your grandmother’s recipe they’ve got it. But of course, they wouldn’t have made this list if they didn’t also cater to those caffeine driven needs only coffee induces. Step inside for a pastry to pair with your favorite latte and stay for the comfort of the small oasis under a tree that is their picnic table.

Location: 4546 Durant Ave

             North Charleston, SC 29405