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The art of the perfect pizza—available on East Montague

Right ratios, local ingredients, and culinary creativity heat things up in North Charleston’s EVO.

The perfect slice of pizza is an art form. The ratios must be right—the cheese:sauce:toppings must be harmonious, with no single element overpowering its brethren. The crust must be equal parts bounce and crispy crunch. And, of course, nothing beats the intense smokiness of a wood-fired oven. North Charleston’s EVO (Extra Virgin Oven) Pizzeria subscribes to this perfect slice philosophy, but takes it a cut above by maintaining a focus on locally produced and purveyed ingredients.

Since establishing a brick and mortar in 2007, EVO Pizzeria has quickly risen to ranks of cult classic, local favorite, and the place to grab a slice of what can only be described as life-changing pizza. Rumor has it, in fact, that EVO is so serious about their slices that once upon a time one of their former chefs even had a forearm tat of a pizza cutter. Talk about making a mark on the world of ‘za. Now, EVO is a full-service situation boasting an incredible selection of pizzas from the Pistachio Pesto (featuring local Split Creek Farm fromage blanc in addition to everyone’s favorite nut) to the Pork Trifecta (a red-sauce wonder topped with housemade sausage, pepperoni, and bacon) as well as a massive tap wall of local brews like North Charleston’s very own Holy City.

Seriously, Spongeworthy IPA + three kinds of pork on a wood-fired pizza = dinnertime magic.

Treat yourself to that Extra Virgin Oven-baked pizza goodness. Bonus points if you scope out EVO’s bakery ‘round back—you can watch the master bakers create those next-level crusts while you enjoy a fresh-baked pastry and a cup of local Kudu coffee. For more information about EVO Pizzeria, visit evopizza.com or drop by and see what all the fuss is about first-hand at 1075 East Montague Ave. in North Charleston today!