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Three Holy City Beers You Have to Sip This Summer!

With summer rapidly approaching (because y’all know spring lasts about 2.5 seconds in the Deep South), there’s always a scramble to seek respite from the Hades-hot heat. But you can’t just stay inside basking in all that bought air—there’s simply too much going on in North Chuck to pass up a chance for sunshine-soaked revelry. From festivals to al fresco dining, if you’re here in the summer, you’re gonna have to suck it up, buttercup, and feel those heat waves. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a not-so-secret solution for all that ails you. Ice-cold, sudsy perfection in the form of Holy City Brewing’s craft beers. Totally local and deeply delicious, these North Charleston sips are sure to soothe your soul and quench your thirst for all those low country adventures you have planned while you’re in town. Here are just a few of our top picks you’ve gotta try:

Biere De Garde

According to the brewmasters at Holy City, this bad boy was born of the desire for a straight-forward, solidly delicious libation perfect for summertime sipping. Brewed in the French farmhouse “keeping beer” tradition, Biere De Garde is fruity and malty without losing that crispness we crave in warm weather.

Sparkly Princess

The name alone has you pretty much sold, I’m sure, but the backstory behind this kettle-sour IPA is the crown jewel in the ol’ tiara. Shortly after being bestowed the esteemed distinction of Best Local Brewery by the Charleston City Paper, a grand party was given for the 2017 honorees with a fairytale theme. Holy City was tasked with creating a beer for the event—and challenged to keep the fairytale theme going. And what fairytale would be worth its wand without a Sparkly Princess? The result was the now best-selling kettle-sour IPA boasting plenty of hops, tart, and citrus. Refreshing and fun to order, don’t miss the hop magic her majesty has to offer!

Unbridled Enthusiasm

Named for the critical component required to be an employee on the Holy City team, Unbridled Enthusiasm could make even those who prefer wine think twice. Pale and wheat malts get by with a little help with their Citra hop and Citra hop oil friends to create a mellow wheat beer with a zesty citrus twinge and a tiny bit of bite. This one simply smells and tastes like summer, and its name serves as a solid reminder to live out loud.